The Doors of North Hobart

On my recent trip to Hobart in June, I stayed with friends in an Airbnb in North Hobart. Unlike my previous trip to North Hobart, this one was all on foot. No hire car, mainly walking to everything and the occasional taxi.

Even though walking can take longer, I enjoy it as a form of holiday transport as you can see a lot more details, and stop a lot more regularly. People, plants, pets, shops, food, signs… you can unearth all of these while exploring on foot.

A collage of photos on a particular ‘theme’ can look great all printed out together for frames, magnets, notice boards or as a collage in a photo book or album.

When I was in Hobart I loved seeing all the doors to all the old cottages, here are some of the ones I spotted.


Photo of the Day … Derwent River, Hobart


The Derwent River flows through the state of Tasmania into Storm Bay,   pass the city of Hobart .   When in Hobart ,  The best way to see the Derwent River is on a river cruise .  This image was taken from the ‘Mona Roma’ ,  The ferry that takes people up the river to visit the famous Mona Art Gallery .