Seminyak and Legian Beach – Bali

As a Aussie, and a Sydneysider, we have great beaches. Its funny how we travel the world to have the best beach holidays, but often are disappointed when we compare beaches to the ones in our own backyard.

I felt like that visiting the beaches of Seminyak, Double Six, Legian and Canggu in Bali. I wasn’t there to surf, so I wasn’t judging the beaches on the waves (which I’ve heard are awesome). We had a beach front resort , so it was lovely looking out at the ocean. But we never swam in the ocean. The water looked a bit treacherous, the tide would come up high and the beach wasn’t as pristine as the sands of the NSW South and North Coast. Plus it was crowded with people. We weren’t keen on lying down on the sand when we could just lie by the pool and look at the ocean!

So our beach time in these tiny suburbs of Bali was spent soaking up the beach life. Bars, Beach clubs, Warungs… such as laid back and relaxed lifestyle! Take me back.


The beach bar right outside our accommodation at Batu Belig Beach. Very relaxed vibe.


Watching the ocean from Potato Head Beach Club


Sunsets and cocktails at Double Six Beach


Looking up the beach at Finn’s Beach Club, Canggu


Sunset time


Sunset vibes from Finns


A typical beach bar set up.

Sculptures by the Sea

Every October, I vow I’ll make it to Sculptures by the Sea. And nearly every single year I never get there. It only runs for two weeks and it’s a good hours drive away,  so trying to fit it in at that busy time of the year can be hard. I can’t understand why events like this and things like the Vivid light festival and the Hyde Park noodle markets only run for two weeks in Sydney. They are getting so popular and attract thousands of visitors  that when you do visit it’s completely crowded.




This year, we ventured out on an overcast Sunday to see the famous exhibition of sculptures. I knew parking would be hard so we opted to park down near Bronte beach and then walk towards Bondi. It was definitely a good walk, a 6 km round-trip!











The Bondi sculptures were a mix of traditional style, humorous, abstract, eclectic and absurd. It really was a great day out, combining various works of art with the lovely coastline of the eastern suburbs.

I definitely like to go again,  maybe when it’s not so crowded? Ha ha!

They also hold this event in Cottesloe, WA in March. I bet that isn’t as crowded as Bondi!



Nine Things To Do In: Vienna

1.  Attend a Recital/Ballet/Opera. We were lucky enough to attend a Mozart and Strauss concert in a beautiful old building.

2. Visit the art galleries, such as the Leopold Museum. I was lucky enough to see a great Van Gogh exhibition. I also got to visit the The Museum of Art History (Kunsthistorisches Museum).

3. Visit the  ‘Prater’ Amusement park, called “Wurstelprater” is the oldest amusement park in the world. We never made it as we kept running out of time and it closed in the evening. Now apparently it’s open 24 hours!

4. See the Royal Palace, aka the Hopfburg Palace. An easy walking tour can take in the Statue of Maria Theresa, the palaces, the famous balconies, an array of statues and sculptures and the Spanish Riding School.

5. Shop downtown, along ‘The Graben’ and ‘Kärntner Straße’–  Vienna’s main shopping streets. I think I had my first experience at European H&M along this route!

6. Sightsee at the Old Church located on the main pedestrian mall and square ‘Stephansplatz’. The beautiful church is called St Stephen’s Cathedral.

7. Pay tribute to Mozart by visiting his statue and Treble Clef garden in Burggarten – the Imperial Palace Gardens. An easy walk from downtown and the other major attractions

8. Visit the Natural History Museum. Vienna has some amazing museums, and the Natural History Museum is a great place to explore for an hour or two. Don’t miss the famous ‘Venus of Willendorf’, one of the world’s oldest statues.

9. Explore the Viennese nightlife. Vienna has some great bars, restaurants and clubs. Make sure you have a local schnitzel, visit a schnapps museum (with free tasting), try a local beer called a ‘Zwickel’ and even find a Irish pub or two. We found a funky night club and ended up being photographed for the club’s website!

The Doors of North Hobart

On my recent trip to Hobart in June, I stayed with friends in an Airbnb in North Hobart. Unlike my previous trip to North Hobart, this one was all on foot. No hire car, mainly walking to everything and the occasional taxi.

Even though walking can take longer, I enjoy it as a form of holiday transport as you can see a lot more details, and stop a lot more regularly. People, plants, pets, shops, food, signs… you can unearth all of these while exploring on foot.

A collage of photos on a particular ‘theme’ can look great all printed out together for frames, magnets, notice boards or as a collage in a photo book or album.

When I was in Hobart I loved seeing all the doors to all the old cottages, here are some of the ones I spotted.


Wolfe and Co. Dural

Sydney’s cafe scene is always evolving. There are so many more options, both near the beaches, in the city, north shore and inner west and an ever growing number of ‘trendy’places popping up in the ‘burbs.

One of those is Wolfe and Co. organic cafe in Dural. A busy indoor/outdoor cafe on a busy intersection, but not that busy that you are distracted by noise, and there’s usually enough parking.



I went one weekday morning for brunch, and had the very yummy creme brûlée French toast. I see that the menu now has been updated to Rocky Road French toast, cue drool here…


They have a great all day menu, with scrumptious breakfast that rolls into simple and easy lunches with a range of sides. They also have a mouth-watering sweets menu, so coffee and a dessert could be another option if you are stopping by.


I just loved my cute soda bottle. Alcohol free can still look and taste good!


Drive out to Dural to grab a seat and enjoy, 6am – 4pm Monday to Friday, 7am-3pm Saturday, 8am-3pm Sunday.

Wolfe and Co. now shares the intersection (‘Round Corner’ as the locals call it) with a growing number of foodie options, such as Billy the Greek, Gata Thai, Pirates Grill, Lombardo’s Restaurant and Bar and Austrian restaurant Bernhard’s Kitchen.