The Doors of North Hobart

On my recent trip to Hobart in June, I stayed with friends in an Airbnb in North Hobart. Unlike my previous trip to North Hobart, this one was all on foot. No hire car, mainly walking to everything and the occasional taxi.

Even though walking can take longer, I enjoy it as a form of holiday transport as you can see a lot more details, and stop a lot more regularly. People, plants, pets, shops, food, signs… you can unearth all of these while exploring on foot.

A collage of photos on a particular ‘theme’ can look great all printed out together for frames, magnets, notice boards or as a collage in a photo book or album.

When I was in Hobart I loved seeing all the doors to all the old cottages, here are some of the ones I spotted.


Wolfe and Co. Dural

Sydney’s cafe scene is always evolving. There are so many more options, both near the beaches, in the city, north shore and inner west and an ever growing number of ‘trendy’places popping up in the ‘burbs.

One of those is Wolfe and Co. organic cafe in Dural. A busy indoor/outdoor cafe on a busy intersection, but not that busy that you are distracted by noise, and there’s usually enough parking.



I went one weekday morning for brunch, and had the very yummy creme brûlée French toast. I see that the menu now has been updated to Rocky Road French toast, cue drool here…


They have a great all day menu, with scrumptious breakfast that rolls into simple and easy lunches with a range of sides. They also have a mouth-watering sweets menu, so coffee and a dessert could be another option if you are stopping by.


I just loved my cute soda bottle. Alcohol free can still look and taste good!


Drive out to Dural to grab a seat and enjoy, 6am – 4pm Monday to Friday, 7am-3pm Saturday, 8am-3pm Sunday.

Wolfe and Co. now shares the intersection (‘Round Corner’ as the locals call it) with a growing number of foodie options, such as Billy the Greek, Gata Thai, Pirates Grill, Lombardo’s Restaurant and Bar and Austrian restaurant Bernhard’s Kitchen.