Mt Victoria Lookout, Wellington New Zealand

Above Wellington city (New Zealand’s small but friendly capital) lies Mt Victoria. In such a hilly region it isn’t noticeable as a towering mountain or distinguishable landmark, mostly overrun with roads and houses.

You can easily drive to the top and see panoramic views from ‘Mt Vic’, its Māori name is Tangi Te Keo. We had a lovely sunny day with great views out to the Pacific Ocean and the Cook Strait.

There are a few interesting statues and monuments atop the  hill as well as several lookout vantage points. I had driven my two cousins and my Nana to the top after lunch on Wellington harbour.

It’s an easy place to visit right from the centre of Wellington or enroute to or from the airport. I can’t believe I had been to Wellington three times before and never known to drive to the top.

That’ s why Nanas know best!

Travel Essentials… Hats

travel essentials - hats


I’ve never been a really big fan of hats. Well I love hats but I don’t actually think I look that good in them. I usually don’t pack them for holidays, truth be told. But then I end up buying them all over the place and carrying them on all my trips, so now I have a collection that is always growing.

Transporting hats is always the biggest issue. Most travel experts advise wearing them on your transiting days so you don’t squash them in your luggage. Easier said than done. Hats aren’t much fun on a long haul flight (well except for a beanie maybe) so where do you end up putting it on the plane? Anywhere is bound to get squashed I’ve found.

Some hats I’ve managed to keep in relatively good shape by packing it with things in and around it in my luggage, such as the cowboy hat bought in Mexico, see photo below. I also brought home a sombrero in the luggage – clearly fitting in 2 big hats is some sort of packing feat.

For summer holidays with sunbaking, hiking in hot weather and walking around in the sunshine all day a hat is a must. If you are worried about wrecking a hat buy something cheap (either at home or abroad) that you won’t mind losing or wrecking, the white fedora hat below was only $5.00.