Photo of the Day… Bamboo Rafting

Bamboo rafting Yangshuo China

Bamboo rafting Yangshuo China

China is such a big place, and in 3 weeks I only saw a tiny part of it. I did hit up all the major tourist attractions and was super excited – ticking off my bucket list The Great Wall of China and The Terracotta Warriors.

But my favourite place that I visited in China? Yangshuo and the famous Karst limestone mountains.  The scenery is divine, made even more breathtaking as you take a cruise down the Lei River.

But then we did a 90 minute bamboo rafting trip down a smaller river, wow! My favourite activity and place of the trip. You get punted down the river one way on a bamboo raft, complete with umbrella and drinks delivered from nearby boats (if you’re lucky!)

What a lovely memory, thankfully I have about 500 photos of that day!

Travel Essentials… The Shrug

Call it what you will, shrug, bolero, cropped cardigan. Casual cotton or knit, or fancy with lace and sequins, the humble shrug is the perfect clothing item to pack for travel.

Long sleeved or short sleeved, the shrug can change an outfit instantly, freshening up your look when you feel you have been in the same dang outfit for 3 days (Hello, Contiki 2005). Great for mixing it up day to night. A fancier shrug can dress up jeans and a tank top, a cream lacy shrug and some neutral flats and you can head out for the night not feeling like a dirty backpacker (or less of one).

They are also great for those destinations where you will probably live in singlets and sleeveless tops but may need something to warm you up on a cooler day or if the nightly temperature drops. A shrug keeps the shoulders and back warm but won’t overheat you. Great for air conditioned places too.

A pair of sisters I know packed 4 different shrugs each (well they do take up less room than the average cardigan or jacket!) for a 4 week Europe trip, then borrowed each others to mix and match with the rest of their tops and dresses. Literally created a tonne of outfit choices. Genius!