Travel Essentials – Neck Pillow

Anyone who does long haul flights realises just how different the sleep portion of the flight can be with the right neck pillow. Or if you are like me the ‘eyes are closed and trying to sleep but cannot sleep’ portion of the flight. I normally take a blow up / inflatable neck pillow to save space in bags. Which of course, has its benefits. But I stare enviously at those with snuggly, squishy bean bag style pillows and curse for not ever buying one!

For my upcoming 35 day trip I AM going to try out one of these, despite the obvious ‘where do you put it between flights issue’. I chose a black and white striped one, like below. I’ll report back on the success! However if I ditch it mid trip we may be rethinking the idea ie:  not a success!

 "Neck Pillows - Flying Essentials" by beavercity on Polyvore


Photo of the Day – Istanbul

This month’s edition of SHOP TILL YOU DROP featured 2 photo shoots set in Turkey, one in Istanbul and one in Bodrum. I love when fashion and travel combine!


4.Kath's mosque at Ortakoy, fishing village

When I visited Istanbul in 2007, my friend was living and teaching there (she still does actually!). This was her favourite mosque, in the fishing town of Ortaköy. A place you probably wouldn’t see as a regular tourist, with great views out over the Bosphorus and the bridge.


Palm Beach

At the northern most point of Sydney lies Palm Beach. Famous for Home and Away, rich celebrity homes and wedding destinations, us mere mortals can enjoy a leisurely drive up the Northern Beaches peninsula and a wander around the beach, bay and headland. 

We often go for a drive up to Palm beach and simply walk along the beach, walk around the rocks and the ocean pool and if we’re feeling adventurous, climb up North Head to visit Barrenjoey lighthouse and lookout. 

Last time we found a delightful little path that links the beach and a road further back that meanders through some rainforest reserve. A great local find which didn’t look like much from the road. 

I remember on my last day of high school, half of the cohort of students caught buses to Palm Beach (a good hour journey) to have BBQs, drinks and sleepovers on the beach in sleeping bags (not sure who decided this was a great idea since it was September and it rained! ) A fun carefree night nonetheless.

And recently Palm Beach was the scene of a very romantic wedding proposal, at night under a supermoon – of course I said yes!

Getting There: Allow about 90 minutes from the Sydney CBD

Look Out for: Ocean Pool, Lighthouse headland walk, Large rocks by the beach, Summer Bay scenery

Eat At: The BoathouseDunes Restaurant

Travel Essentials – All Purpose Parka

Lightweight, stylish, waterproof, wind proof, scrunch proof… A travel jacket / parka / windcheater is the best when layered over other clothes and protecting you from the elements. A detachable hood is a bonus. I am still on the lookout for a great waterproof one, I usually take a puffy jacket then a waterproof thin poncho jacket to put over the top.

Alas, my four pound Primark ‘packed in a bag’ poncho was in my stolen backpack last year. Sad Face. I think I’ll buy a parka though for my next travel jacket to eliminate the need for 2 jackets.

Here are some options I like:

"Travel Parkas" by beavercity on Polyvore

Capilano Suspension Bridge

The Capilano suspension bridge is a great little day trip, half day excursion from Vancouver. Somehow we managed to get a variety of buses from central Vancouver across to West Vancouver and up to Capilano Rd. The suspension bridge is one attraction, along with the thousand year old trees and the treehouses and paths that connect through the forest. It reminded me of an Ewok village!

An added bonus was on our return journey across the suspension bridge we saw a baby bear playing at the water’s edge below us. Our second bear in the wild sighting in a week! Of course when I returned to Canada 3 years later I was convinced we would see a bear, but no luck!


Singapore’s Chinatown

Love a good Chinatown. And thanks to China’s expanding population, there’s a ‘Chinatown’ in nearly every major city you visit. Cheap yum cha, souvenirs, fabrics, dragons, lanterns, herbal teas. It almost makes you feel at home!

Singapore’s Chinatown is lovely, great streets with decorations, amazing restaurants with cheap meals, local beer and spirits and all your Chinese favourite dishes. It was the day after my Thailand – Singapore 2 week tour and the remaining team headed there for a night out. The boys drank a lot of alcohol and I dashed in and out of the restaurant for last minute souvenir shopping, which was super super cheap! Got a few more watches (who me buy 10 in one holiday?) and some more crazy things for my students.