Travel Essentials – The right sized day bag

I’m not a backpack sort of girl. Or a money belt (though my recent lost passport experience may change that). I get that the everyday travel bag is a totally personal decision – whether you like a tiny clutch, a bumbag (‘fanny pack’), day backpack or tote.

I  don’t like dressing like a backpacker or hardcore traveller, in Kathmandu jackets and cargos. I’m classier, more dressy, I guess you could describe my travelling style as ‘backpacker chic’. I still want to wear my regular clothes and not stand out too much.

So when it comes to the everyday travel bag, I want a nice big tote that I can haul everything in. Cameras, wallet, maps, books, journals, cardigan, snacks, sunscreen. I like having it tucked under my arm with the zipper end near my chest, never trusted backpacks in crowded train stations and airports.

I like the bag to be squashy, so it can be stuffed under seats and even used as a pillow if napping (on airport floors and the like). dark colours are preferable, and a hardy texture.

Of course there are times when you need something to go on your back (like when hiking) so your arms are free, or a tiny cross body purse (like when out at night).

Oh no does this mean I have to take 3 handbags away with me? Still working on this packing skill obviously.

Here are some of the types  I like:

Travel Handbags

Shark Bay, Sydney

In summer it’s hard to keep a good find a secret. I’m sure the locals of Vaucluse have been enjoying the stunning beach that is Shark Bay, but  in the recent summers you have to fight for a carpark and a spot on the sand or grass, even on a weekday.

Nevertheless, we were determined to enjoy one of Sydney’s glorious summer days with a walk and swim around Shark Bay, through Nielson Park, along the paths in front of the sand and around to the rock formations and headlands.

With views of Sydney Harbour and the city skyline, clear blue water, minimal waves (which always pleases me!) and a small Kiosk for snacks, its great for anyone, especially families. We sat for a while under the shade on a park bench people watching, old men snoozing on picnic rugs, kids kicking balls around, portable BBQs, adventurous teens clambering over the rocks, couples sneaking a kiss, snorkelers swimming about, even fancy smancy types diving off their luxury yacht that was anchored just off shore.

Getting There: Head out of the Sydney CBD towards the coast, approximately 10 minutes


Look Out For: Historic house in the park, amazing rocks shaped by the wind, avenue of trees.